Marriage of friends, co-workers, or family members make us very happy.

"May my precious person be happy forever and ever!"

Wedding gifts are filled with these wishes.

Then, we recommend pair tableware!


A couple can use the pair tableware everyday together.

That makes the bonds of them much stronger.

Also, great gifts are high-quality items that people hesitate to buy it for themselves.


Japan Design Store offers various high-quality items produced by Japanese traditional craftsmen.

Today, we would like to introduce some of our pair tableware sets.



1.Standard wedding gift items in Japan: Pair rice bowls

[Set][Exclusive box] Pair flat rice bowls / Folk Brown & Folk Navy / Hakusan Toki

In Japan, pair rice bowls have been popular item as wedding gifts.

Flat rice bowls from Hakusan Toki make rice look more delicious.

Since it is a large bowl, you can use it as a bowl for any kinds of dishes.

In addition to this Folk pattern, we have a lot of patterns!


2.For sake lovers couple: Pair glasses

〇 [Set] ETERNAL GLASS / Rock / Frost / Exclusive box / WIRED BEANS

Frost glass from WIRED BEANS is, as the name explains, a frosted glass.

This translucent glass makes the drink color look more beautiful.

If you are in Japan, the maker exchange the glass even you break it.


3.Useful item for daily life: Pair cups

〇 [Set] Pair teacups / Knit Wear / Red & White / Trace Face series / CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN

The cups are like knit wear!

These stylish cups are Trace Face from CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN.

Cute atmosphere and smooth texture will relax the couple.

In addition to use as teacup, you can use the cups as dessert cups, too.


How do you like them?

Choosing the gift item is fun, but takes some time.

"Want to look his / her happy face"

"Want the couple to use this together."

If you think so, please select the items in Japan Design Store!