It is December 1st today.

It only has one month before the 2016 ends and 2017 begins.


For Japanese people, Oshogatsu, or New Year's Day is one of the most important holidays. In Japanese Shinto, we believe that Toshigami, the god of the year comes all houses when the new year begins. Toshigami will bring us the good harvest and luck of the year.


To pray for the New Year's good luck of the family, Japanese people eat special cuisine "osechi."

We would like to introduce the history of osechi next time.


We often use a special box Jubako to serve osechi. Jubako can pile up some boxes into one box. It is usually lacquered with gold lacquered decoration.


In fact, our buyer has looked for the stylish, reasonable price, and gorgeous jubako for a long time. However, she cannot find the one.

Therefore, we finally decide to make our original jubako.


Today, I would like to inform the arrival of our original jubako.

This is three boxes jubako with Ichimatsu pattern.

It is very beautiful, gorgeous, but reasonable price.


We offer various types of jubako.

See more details of our original jubako from here.

Simple & Modern Japanese Oju


How do you spend the New Year's Day in your country?

How about spending the day like Japanese oshogatsu with jubako and osechi?

We hope you have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!