New face joined into beer cup from Nousaku

☆Pair of beer cup from Nousaku☆

Here is the details of this product.

[Set] [Exclusive box]Pair beer cup/ Nousaku


Tin beer cup of Nousaku can make beer more delicious!

This beer cup can contain 200ml. Therefore, it is the best size for a half of canned beer.

A woman can hold this cup tightly. So,  this pair would be a nice gift for couples.


Tin beer cup has solid and simple design.

Beer cups of Nousaku are with exclusive boxes.


The exclusive box of Nousaku is chic gray with silver logo.

In fact, few online shops offer exclusive boxes of Nousaku.




By the way, I mentioned that "Tin beer cup of Nousaku can make beer more delicious!" But why?

The answer is here!

Enjoy beer with tin tumbler! Nousaku beer cup



☆Today's recommended item:[Set] [Exclusive box]Pair beer cup/ Nousaku