Metal flower vase "Sorori" of Nousaku has original beautiful shine.

The shine is mysterious... it looks like it shines from inside.

Nousaku is famous for its modern traditional crafts.

Why their finishing is so beautiful?

Here, let us introduce the reason of the beauty of Nousaku products.



Nousaku has been produced the Buddhist altar fittings, tea ceremony utensils, and flower bowls

Nousaku was established in 1916. Since 100 years ago, Nousaku has been produced the Buddhist altar fitting of temples or household.

Nousaku is is Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture. Takaoka city is a big producing area of Buddhist altar fittings. In fact, Takaoka city accounts for more than 90 % producing of Buddhist altar fittings, the Buddhist statues, or bronze statues in Japan.

Takaoka copperware is one of the first designated products as the Japanese traditional crafts.


We can see the reason why Nousaku metal products has beautiful shine in this history.

100 years ago, the temples or houses of people were not so bright than now. The main source of light was candles.

In such a dark room, Buddhist altar fittings or flower bowls should reflect the small light of candles.

Therefore, the Nousaku metal products have beautiful shine.


Simple and minimalist form design with beautiful shine. Sorori has modest and elegant atmosphere.


Sorori is beautiful with flowers by window.

In addition, you can enjoy the calm presence and beautiful shine in the dark room.

Please enjoy the light and dark with brass flower vase Sorori.


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