This is KAGO from Nousaku.

Nousaku is famous for tin products.

You can bend and make favorite forms with KAGO.


The best feature of KAGO is "flexibility of tin" and "functional beauty."

(For me, the owner of this shop, bend KAGO when I am thinking about something.)



These days, we seldom make something by ourselves.

KAGO reminds us the happiness of manufacturing.

It is just like making bread or pottery.



We can find good design products easily. However, it is difficult to find a product with both beauty and function.


KAGO of Nousaku is always beautiful even if it change the form.

How to use KAGO?

Today, let us introduce flower vase and bread basket.


How to use KAGO as flower vase?

When we use KAGO as flower vase, there is a secret.

Please prepare a simple clear glass or glass bottle.


Simple glass get gloss and motion with KAGO.

A natural flower bouquet would be a modern and stylish interior.

How to use KAGO as bread basket?

Bread basket is useful to avoid warm bread away from becoming stuffy.

It is said that tin has high antibacterial effect.

You can wash KAGO with ph.-balanced detergent. So, you can keep KAGO clean.


You may be surprised at the coordinate with bread and metal interior.

However, tin basket KAGO gives stylish and cool atmosphere on the dinner table.



In addition to these, you can make book stand, or welcome board.

KAGO has as many use as you create.

It is a pleasant time to what to make next with KAGO.

Recommended size and form of KAGO

I recommend KAGO Square M.

This size and form is easy to bend and useful size.


What do you make with KAGO?


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