Nousaku is famous for tin beer cup / tumbler, or tin sake set.

The tin product atelier Nousaku announced new items!

It is... tin small plates!


Tin tableware "Suzumaru" and "Suzukozara"

Tin plates have 2 types.


Left: Sheet type "Suzumaru"

Right: Plate type "Suzukozara"



Also, suzumaru and suzukozara have 3 patterns.

From the left to right, "Nunome" "Hiware" and "Oboro."


For me, I like Hiware the most since it has beautiful unevenness.


Suzumaru is very simple, but made the best use of tin.

In addition to the food, you can use suzumaru as an accessory tray.


Suzukozara is also bent.

However, it has certain depth. Therefore, you can put soy sauce or any other sauce.


As a table coordinate, let's put tin chopstick rests of Nousaku.


Another atelier offers flexible tin tableware.

Syouryu offers square tin plate "suzugami."

If you look for square tin plate, suzugami is the one!

If you look for circle tin plate, suzumaru or suzukozara are the best!



See more details of suzumaru and suzukozara from here!

Flexible tin tableware and sheet of Nousaku