Our item Taisho Roman glass and Futa Choko from Hirota Glass are introduced at curation service website.

One is "Kinarino" and another is "folk."

Kinarino is a curated pages about fashion, interior goods, or tableware. Their concept is "Make a life wonderful and considerate."

"Folk" introduces "a lifestyle of women."

Since this spring, many curation service websites suzh as "NAVER", "Kinarino", "iemo" or "curet" have introduced our items.


WE are sorry but we cannot introduce all the items here, but let us introduce some items here.

(It is our pleasure that those website introduced our items without our knowing it.)


Well, this time, the theme of "Kinarino" and "folk" was

Glassware that colors dinner table cool

And these are the "Taisho Roman Glass" and "Futa Choko" introduced at the website.

Taisho Roman Glass


These are Taisho Roman Glasses from Hirota Glass.

In fact, these are soba choko cups.

The gentle patterns are expressed with a special skill, “Nyuuhaku-glass-aburidashi.”


The hazy patterns generate modern and stylish atmosphere.


All the patterns are Japanese traditional, but modern somehow.

Depends on the light, the patterns become clear or hazy.

Adequate size glasses work not only as soba choko cup, but also as tea glass or glassware.



See more details of Taisho Roman Glass from here.

Beautiful glass of Taisho Roman glass series

Edo Kiriko Futa Choko


These are Futa Choko from Hirota Glass.

The red color is deep, but bright. It is like a ruby.

You can find out that it is a high-class and precious glass at the first sight.



In fact, a famous fashion brand in France uses these glasses when you serve water for their customers in VIP room of Paris.

(We cannot tell the brand's name, but we are sure that everyone knows!)


To produce a Futa Choko, difficult skill and delicate work are needed.

The edge of glass is easy to be chipped, so it is hard to make cut work.

Usually, craftsmen do not make cut work to the end.

Therefore, it is said that only 6 Futa Choko can be produced per a week.


All Edo Kiriko glasses are hand cut by craftsmen. So, the cut work shines even

in a dark room.

The name is Choko, but you can use Futa Choko as a glass for drink tea or alcohol, dessert cup, or special tableware for guests.

Futa Choko has 7 patterns. Which do you like?


See more details of Futa Choko from here.

Edo Kiriko Futa Choko, modern cut glass