Hello, everyone.

We can feel the coming of winter these days.

Please stay warm and not catch a cold.


Well, we often pick up our popular item "mamezara (tiny plate)."

But don't you think that mamezara can work more than just tableware?

In fact, mamezara can work in various places, not only on the dinner table.


Today, we would like to introduce the use of mamezara as accessory trays.


1.  ARITA JEWEL -Jewels for accessory-

This is ARITA JEWEL from Floyd.

In fact, it is the most recommended item for accessory tray among our various mamezara.


As the name explains, "ARITA JEWEL" has cute form and elegant glitter like jewels.

Glossy glaze makes the accessory stand out more.

Since ARITA JEWEL plates are small, you can put different kinds of accessory on some colors of plates.


2.Suzumaru / Suzukozara -For chic lovers-

"I like cute items, but prefer chic interior goods!"

For you, we recommend Suzumaru and Suzukozara from Nousaku.


In the picture above, we make a flower with a tin plate "Suzumaru."

Suzukozara has the form of plate. So, it is more stable.

You can make your favorite forms of accessory tray with Suzumaru or Suzukozara.


3.KOMON series -For Japanese modern lovers-

If you like Japanese modern atmosphere, we recommend KOMON series from KIHARA.

In fact, this KOMON series and ARITA JEWEL is the same kind of porcelain "Arita porcelain."

There are all sorts of Arita porcelain like the traditional KOMON series or cute ARITA JEWEL.


The beautiful white porcelain of Arita porcelain and modernized Japanese traditional pattern makes accessory look more beautiful.



Do you find your favorite one?

In addition to the accessories, you can put keys, seals, or small change on mamaezara.

One mamezara at the entrance space is very useful!

You do not have to take time to look for the items when you need it.


Please make the most use of mamezara, not only as tableware, but also as interior goods!


We collect our mamezara in this page. Please check here!

Collect all! Cute and stylish Japanese tiny plates