It is pleasant time to choose gifts for someone special.

But also, it is very hard to decide what is the best...

In our store, most customers choose gifts with these thoughts;

"Gift should be the things they may not  get by themselves, but they will be happy if they have it."

Hmm... it sounds very difficult.

So, let us introduce some recommended sets for gifts.

We hope these sets will be the answer for you.


This is [Omotenashi set 5.] This set consists of 5 Chopstick rests from Nousaku and 5 mamezara (tiny plates) from Azmaya. Both motifs are Japanese auspicious things.

This  set has been  especially popular for wedding celebration.


This is [Omotenashi set 4]. This set consists of 4 Inban-mamezara and 5 pieces of chopstick rest Katabami. Look at the Katabemi chopstick rests carefully.

Can you find a four-leaf clover? 1 of 5 katabami is four-leaf clover!

This set may bring happiness to your important person.


Last, this is [Daily use! Omotenashi set 5]. This set consists of 5 small Inban plates and 5 chopstick rests Tsumi (Moon). It is suitable for simple and stylish lovers.

The patterns of each plate has auspicious meaning.

See more details of Inban paltes from here.

Nostalgic and modern kozara with komon

Small plates and chopstick rests bring happiness and Japanese breeze to your special person.

How about choosing these for gifts?

Today's recommended items

[Omotenashi set 5] 5 dobai-mamezara and 5 musubi

[Daily use! Omotenashi set 5] 5 inban-kozara and 5 chopstick rest "tsuki" (moon)

[Daily use! Omotenashi set 5] [Omotenashi set 4] 4 inban-mamezara and 5 katabami