It's cold and very dry.

However, cute mamezara and kozara cheer me up!


Today, I would like to introduce our mamezara & kozara collection of "Sometsuke."

Which do you like?



※What is "Sometsuke"?

Sometsuke is a kind of painting skill for porcelain.

In Sometsuke, craftsmen make shape and bake white porcelain.

On that white porcelain, craftsmen draw pattern with Gosu (cobalt pigment).



1.Mamezara / 11 Cats / Azmaya

These are mamezara of "11 Cats series" produced by Azmaya.

11 Cats are the characters of picture books by Noboru Baba.

Easy-going and cute cats are on the small plates.


In this series there are 12 plates, Set of 4 ×3 sets.

1 plate expresses an event or scenery of a month.

Enjoy 12 different plates every month.



2.KOMON mamezara / KIHARA 

These graphic 10 plates are KOMON series from KIHARA.

In KOMON series, there are 2 types of Mamezara, Kissho-mon set and Kisetsu-mon set.


Traditional patterns are modernized.

All patterns have auspicious meanings.


3.Inban-mamezara / Azmaya

Inban-mamezara of Azmaya is a long-selling item in Japan Design Store.

Cute mamezaras have shape of auspicious motifs.

You can put any small dishes.

Small plates work on your dinner table every day.


4.Inban-kozara / Azmaya

This is also a long-selling item, Inban-kozara from azmaya.

These plates are good size for individual plates.

Fresh blue and white patterns suit every kind of dishes.



These are our mamezara & kozara collection of Sometsuke.

Among sometsuke, each plate uses different skills, too.

Sometsuke world is very deep and interesting!

We hope you can find your favorite one.