Easy Japanese table setting with "Kaiseki Shikizen"

You may have not heard of "Kaiseki Shikizen."

In fact, most Japanese people do not know this item, too.

However, in Japanese restaurant or Japanese style hotel, Kaiseki Shikizen is used.

Japan Design Store wish that everyone use that useful item.

Therefore, we order our original Kaiseki Shikizen for a long-established lacquer ware maker.


Today, I would like to introduce the use of Kaiseki Shikizen.


Use ① As a plate mat

The easiest way is using Kaiseki Shikizen as a place mat.

You see?

On the glossy Shikizen, white plate looks more beautiful.

You can add Japanese and gorgeous atmosphere with a Shikizen.


Use ② As a big plate

When you have a home party, just putting some food on Kaiseki Shikizen!

Originally, Kaiseki Shikizen i produced for a tableware.

Therefore, you can use it as usual plate.

Of course, you can put hot food such as fried food.


The great feature of Kaiseki Shikizen is its toughness!

Even if you drop the Shikizen, it will not break.


At a home party, you use a lot of tableware.

So, cleaning all tableware is a hard work.


You should be careful of cleaning big ceramic plates.


In this point, you can wash this Shikizen without concern.


Use ③ As a serving tray or a tray

You can use Kaiseki Shikizen as a serving tray or a tray.

You can serve dishes for a party,

put flower vase on the Shikizen,

put photo flames on the Shikizen,

and more!

With a gold Shikizen, you can add luxury atmosphere easily.


Try a favorite one first!

We offer various colors and types of Shikizen.

Please try your favorite one first and use it in your own way.

If you like it, please get more!