Hello, everyone.

How are you doing?

The rainy season has begun in Japan.

Unpleasant weather lasts for about a month...


However,  I have a one diversion in this season.

That is Japanese hydrangea!

The hydrangea in glittery raindrops are so beautiful.

Also, we can find cute snails on their leaves.


Japanese hydrangea has been loved for a long time.

In the oldest collection of poems "Man-yo-shu," we can find the description about hydrangea.


By the way, did you know that the petals we thought are "calyx"?

In the picture, the blue petals-like are calyxes. In fact, the small thing in the center is the flower of hydrangea.


Hydrangea also has interesting feature.

The color of flower is determined by the ph. of the soil.

If the soil are acid, the flower turns to blue. If the soil are alkaline, the flower turns to red. Purple hydrangea blooms on the ph-balanced soil.


In Japan, we can see a lot of blue or purple hydrangea. Since there are a lot of volcanoes and rain, the soil tends to be acid.

Now, most hydrangea sold in flower shops are improved the breed.

Therefore,  most hydrangea does not change its colors.


To enjoy hydrangea in rooms, we recommend this cute flower vase from 1616/arita japan.

The beautiful white color of Arita porcelain make the color of flower stand out.

This is a flower vase of S&B series from 1616/arita japan.

The series have multiple-color flower vases. Please find your favorite one.


Japanese hydrangea make us relax in this rainy season.


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