It has been very cold...

Please stay warm to keep you away from flu or cold.


Well, Japan Design Store produces some original items.

Jubako has been popular item. At end of 2017, Japanese obon tray was released and became a popular item soon.


Today, we would like to our origianl fabric item "Maekake apron."



Worldwide popular item! Maekake apron

"What is Maekake apron?"

Some of you may have not heard of this ever.

How about this picture?


You may have seen this in Japanese sake shops or greengrocer's shops.

The typical Maekake apron is navy, with red long belt and big logo of a company.

It is made of thick cotton canvas.


In Japan, only a few people wear Maekake apron now.

However, the Japanese traditional waist apron have got attention from the world now.


This time, Japan Design Store produces original Maekake apron with a studio "Anything" in Toyohashi city of Aichi prefecture.


We often see the Maekake apron with big logo.

But our buyer would like everyone to use the apron in daily life.

Therefore, our waist apron does not have any logo.

Also, the belt is black and white, not red.


You can see small logo mark of our store at the hem of the apron!


But, most of you cannot imagine how you wear Maekake apron in daily life.

In fact, however, Maekake apron has not just a Japanese traditional apron.

It is very useful and functional. Maekake apron is filled with the wisdom of Japanese people.


Use① Carry heavy stuff

The best feature of Maekake apron is its long and thick belt.

To wear Japanese waist apron, wrap the belt all the way around your waist, and tie the belt in front.

There is a clear reason for the long and thick belt.


That is to prevent lower-back pain. Since Maekake apron wraps our pelvis all the way around, it prevents lower-back pain.

That is why staff of sake shops or greengrocer's shops wear Japanese waist apron.


In addition when you carry heavy stuff, Maekake apron helps you to repeat standing and sitting.

So, your gardening become easier.


Use② Instead of pot holder

Maekake apron is made of thick cotton canvas.

Therefore, you can use the waist apron as easy pot holder.


Please note that  the Japanese waist apron does not have flame-retardant finish.

We recommend use the apron together with  pot holder.



Use③ Classical dressing with yukata or kimono

This is very rare case, but we recommend when you wear yukata or kimono.

For Japanese traditional wear like yukata or kimono,  Japanese traditional apron suits well.

What a beautiful coordinate!


How about having a yukata party with your friends?


Now, could we able to make it clear about Maekake apron?

You may be not familiar with this. But "Anything" and we produced simple Maekake apron so that people can wear it daily.


Please feel Japanese traditions at your home.