High-class hotels and Japanese style hotels prepare refined tea sets in every room.

Have you ever thought that you can make such a tea set in your house?

It looks difficult to make one. However, it is easier than you expected.

If you make a set, you can bring it to terrace, garden, or home parties.

Please have a elegant teatime with special tea set.


How to enjoy elegant teatime alone?

First, let's begin with a set for one person.

When you get good fruit or delicious confectionery, how about tasting it in a elegant teatime?

Then, prepare these 4 items.


TeapotTeacupSmall plateOshiki


The point is using Oshiki (serving tray) even for one person.

You can enjoy elegant atmosphere like in a tea salon.


How to enjoy elegant teatime with 2 people?

When you invite your friend or a family member, let's entertain him / her with an afternoon tea set.

You need these 4 items.



In the picture below, I use only a box of jubako.

But for 2 people, please use 2-tiered boxes.

Teapot made of Nanbu tekki can keep the warmth of tea.

Jubako can keep food away from dust and dry with it lid.


The tea set in a guest room

At last, I introduce the tea set for guest room.

If you have some guests, you can entertain them with special teatime.

As same as the tea set for 2, you need these 4 items.



Fill out the Jubako box with recommended teabags or small snacks.

You guest can enjoy it whenever they like.


The point is item the professionals use

The teacups I introduce here are EXQUISITE series from NIKKO.

Many high-class hotels, such as The Ritz-Carlton or Intercontinental Hotels use the Fine bone china of Nikko.

Japan Design Store sell products for business use to general customers.

Please enjoy the elegant atmosphere at your home.