Since its release, TY Palace plate form 1616/arita japan has been popular for wedding gift, wedding favors, or daily use.



Today, let us introduce popular TY place plate set for wedding favors.

Also, we will introduce the wrapping for wedding favors. 

"What should I prepare for wedding favors? I would like to have made in Japan products with modern design..."

We are glad to help those bride-to-be.

What is the most popular set of TY Palace plate?

The most popular set of TY Palace plates is...

Palace Plate x2 in Gift Box/φ160(x1) + φ220(x1)


The set of two different sizes of TY Palace plate is the best seller item for wedding favors.


Japanese traditional crafts Arita porcelain, auspicious motif of big bloom of chrysanthemum, and elegant white color like the beautiful bride.

TY Palace plate is suitable plate for wedding favors.


The guests at the wedding reception will reminds the bride and groom when they use TY Palace plate at their home.

Elegant and cute, simple and modern design gain good reputation from guests. TY Palace Plates fit various cuisine from Chinese food to Japanese  confectionery.


What is the wrapping for TY Palace plate as wedding favors?

For good quality wedding favors, the wrapping should be stylish.

Japan Design Store proposes various wrapping patterns as the favor of customers.

The most popular wrapping is "casual Japanese modern" wrapping.

※Of course, we prepare Japanese traditional wrapping called "Noshi."


The wrapping of picture above is used Japanese paper with auspicious pattern Asanoha and Ume-Mizuhiki, Japanese traditional paper ribbon with Japanese plum flower.


The wrapping on the picture above was the requests form customers.

(The original Mizuhiki is prepared bu customers. We finished the wrapping with it. )

That is the Japanese most popular wedding favors TY Palace plate in our store.

Of course, we prepare usual wrapping for gift.

Please feel free to ask wrapping.


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Japanese traditional and modern Arita porcelain, TY Palace plate

Palace Plate x2 in Gift Box/φ160(x1) + φ220(x1)