Modern Arita porcelain from 1616/arita japan have been popular since their release.

Life style magazines or stylish interior shops introduces the new Arita porcelain.


Today, let us introduce cute cups from 1616/arita japan.


Espresso cups for wedding gift or wedding favors


This is the S&B espresso cup from 1616/arita japan. The name of the products is "espresso cup", though, the cups can be used as small container for confectionery and sugar and creamer set.

Arita ware have been high-quality porcelain. Therefore, we seldom meet casual tableware of Arita porcelain.

However, the S&B series has simple design for daily use.

Therefore, most customers purchased the cups for daily use at first.

When we started to sell pair cups, we got orders for wedding gift or wedding favors.


You can make the pair of the cups as you like.

So, you can choose your favorite color or the guests' favorite color.

We propose some combinations below.

1616/arita japan : Pink & Light blue


A pair of fresh blue and cute pink. The most popular set for wedding gift or wedding favors.


1616/arita japan : Yellow & Light blue


A pair of fresh blue and yellow. As a gift for stylish friend, or housewarming. This color has been popular among male customers.

1616/arita japan : Yellow & pink


A pair of fresh yellow and cute pink. This pair is often sent for female friends. The color reminds lemon and strawberry. Good coloring for the gifts in spring and summer.

1616/arita japan Dot Pink & Pink


A pair of gentle dot pink and cute pink. Good present for adult women.


Please choose your favorite color and make original gift!


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