Hello, how are you doing?

In Japan, it is getting warmer and warmer.

Various beautiful flowers starts blooming.


When the flower season comes, you want to arrange some flowers don' t you?

Seasonal flowers in the rooms give us the sense of season and peace of mind.


There is a traditional flower arrangement "Ikebana" in Japanese culture.

Ikebana has long history as about 600 years.

Usually, ikebana is arranged by kenzan (needle point holder) and flat flower vases. If you have ever heard of ikebana, you may think it looks difficult.

In fact, most Japanese people think so, too. Japanese people have less chances to touch ikebana  these days.


However, ikebana is not so difficult! With the love of flowers, you can start ikebana without kenzan, special flower vases, or special techniques.


Today, we would like to introduce our flower vases collection.

With these Japanese flower vases, you can start Japanese flower arrangement today!


Flower vases collection of Japan design Store

1. S&B flower vases from 1616/arita japan


These are unique modern flower vases from 1616/arita japan. Surprisingly, these flower vases are made of Arita porcelain!

S&B series was born by a fusion of Arita porcelain and modern Dutch designers. The Dutch designers Scholten and Baijings reinterpreted the traditional colors of Arita porcelain, and they produced gentle pale colors.


This simple but modern Arita porcelain flower vases can make easy ikebana.


2. Metal flower vases from Nousaku

These are stylish flower vases from Nousaku. Extremely simple and modern vases are made of brass. Skilled traditional craftsmen shaved and finished the beautiful form.


A single flower can be a perfect ikebana with this metal flower vase.


3. Unique design flower vases from ceramic japan

These are very unique flower vases from ceramic japan. These Japanese ceramics flower vases have won great popularity in New York. In fact, these flower vases sold more than ten thousands products at the museum shop of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.


With these modern flower vases, you can easily make beautiful ikebana.


Can you find your favorite flower vases?

We hope you can enjoy Japanese traditional flower arrangement  ikebana easily with Japanese flower vases.

Start ikebana today!


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