In Japan Design Store, we sell a lot of simple and modern design items.

However, to meet the demand of some customers, our buyer selects stylish and cute  tableware.


Today, we would like to introduce "Small plates of Arita porcelain", "Fuji bowl set of Hasami porcelain", and "Fujiyama sake glass of Edo Kiriko" from Floyd.

Floyd is a group of designer om Shizuoka prefecture.


Small plates of Arita porcelain "ARITA JEWEL"



Fuji bowl set of Hasami porcelain



Fujiyama sake glass of Edo Kiriko


All of the items are simple, but very cute!

Most people can't stoop saying "kawaii!"


See more details of these items from here.

Sparkling cute! ARITA JEWEL of Arita ware like a jewel

FUJIWAN, dinner with Fujiyama every day

Fujiyama Japanese cut glass Edo Kiriko