Tin beer tumblers from Nousaku have been popular for their special function.

Tin can remove the miscellaneous taste of sake, and make it more delicious.


In Japan, a TV program introduced the sake cups from Nousaku.

Among various types, NAJIMI tumbler gets more and more popular.

“NAJIMI” means “fit” in Japanese.

This name comes from a dent for putting your thumb on one side.


By the way, it has been said that tin can make sake delicious, but how much tin works actually?

All staff members of Japan Design Store compared the tastes.



 ①Comparing tastes of water

First, we drink simple tap water.

One is just poured tap water.

Another is once poured into NAJIMI tumbler, and move it into a glass.

Let's compare the tastes!


"Which is the water poured into NAJIMI tumbler?"

Our staff members chose different glasses!

Consequently, the members were divided into 4 vs 4 !

All members chose the glass by this thought "which is more tasty for me?"

All members were able to feel the difference of tastes.

For me, the water poured into NAJIMI tumbler had more smooth taste than the normal tap water.


 ②Comparing tastes of beer

Next, we compared beer!

We pour beer into two glasses.

One is poured from can directly.

Another is once poured into NAJIMI tumbler, and then moved into a glass.


We are sorry but we forgot to take pictures of beer into NAJIMI tumbler.

The froth of beer in NAJIMI tumbler was so smooth and looked very delicious.


Then, I asked for some staffs. "Which is the beer poured into NAJIMI tumbler?"

As a consequent, all staff members chose the correct one!

Let's hear the comment of a staff N. He is famous for beer lover in our store.

"In a ward, it is mellow. The stinging taste of alcohol is removed, and has a good mouth-feel! "


The effect of tin was proved!

Water and beer.

The preference may be different from each person.

However, it can be said that the taste is obviously different.

Amazing NAJIMI tumbler!!



Magical tumbler makes various drink delicious

Tin sake cups or tumblers are recommended for water, beer, and shochu.

In addition, tin can mellow the unique taste of Japanese sake or the sourness of juice.

Tin tumbler can make various drink more delicious.

Please feel the difference of tastes by your tongue!

Also, tin tumbler is suitable present for Father's Day.


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Enjoy beer with tin tumbler! Nousaku beer cup