Suzugami from syouryu is a magical plate!

It is made of metal, but we can bend it easily.

Suzugami is a new traditional craft produced in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.


Most of people doubt its function at first.

However, once they touch it, they become attracted by its magical fascination.

"Wow! It's so easier to bend than I expected!"

If you would like to send surprise, Suzugami is the best gift!



Tin has high antibacterial effect. So, Suzugami is often used as tableware for dishes or confectioneries.

In addition, Suzugami can be used as a tray or a coaster for small stuff.

Today, I would like to introduce the use of suzugami as a stylish coaster.



In this picture, Taisho Roman glasses from Hirota Glass on the smallest size suzugami 11cm.

For hot season, this cool combination would be suitable!

You can pour iced tea, or put ice cream or sherbet, too.


Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver.

Suzugami coaster reflects light elegantly, and gentle patterns of Hirota Glass suit well.


This time, I coordinate cute "mizutama" glass with Suzugami "Arare."

For cool "Nami" glass, Suzugami "Kazahana," and for stylish "Tokusa" Suzugami "Samidare" fit.

Please find your own combination from various patterns.!


In addition to use as tableware or coaster, Suzugami can be soap dish, accessory tray, or letter holder.

Let's expand the use of Suzugami with your idea!!


See more details of Suzugami from here.

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