November ends soon.

December is a big season of presents!

Today, let us introduce Chopsticks and chopstick rest set!

This set would be great gift especially for couples!


1.Refined gloss Gold leaf chopstick rest set

This is "Shizku" set from Hakuichi.

Kanazawa city is a famous producing area of Gold leaf crafts.

Among various makers, Hakuichi is active in the first line of Kanazawa gold leaf crafts.

While Shizuku is applied gorgeous gold leaf, it is simple, not unpleasant.


Hakuichi also offers "Clear gold thread," a set with resin chopsticks and glass chopstick rests.


2. Cute set! Butterfly 2 pairs

This is the most popular 2 pairs of chopsticks, "Butterfly 2 pairs" from Floyd.

This set has natural wooden chopsticks with cute butterfly chopstick rests.

The butterfly seems being rest on the table!

When you would like to send gifts, you can choose best set from various colors.


This "Bamboo arrow 2 pairs" won the 2nd place in popular 2 pairs of chopsticks ranking.



*Now, the box is changed into thick paper box.

3.Japan Design Store original! Flower bloom chopsticks set

At last, I would like to propose a Japan Design Store originals set!

The upper chopsticks are "Sakura fubuki" from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten.

And the chopstick rests are the chopstick rest set "Flowers" from Nousaku.

IF we make a set with these 2, it will be "Flower bloom chopsticks set"!


The silver sakura of Sakura fubuki suits well with gloss of tin flowers.

You can make a chic and beautiful table setting with them.


How do you like our chopsticks and chopstick rest sets?

If you would like to try chopsticks, please be with chopstick rest!

Also, the sets would be great gifts for Japan lovers.


We have more 2 pairs of chopsticks. Please see this special page!