NEW ARRIVAL! Meibokuwan, beech wooden bowl

We got new items, meibokuwan (beech wooden bowl)!

These wooden bowls have three sizes, large, middle, and small. Popular sizes are middle and large. Middle wooden bowls are good for miso soup. If you like stew or cereal, large size bowls are better.

Small size bowls are good for children.


How can we coordinate with rice bowls?


A rice bowl, a bowl for miso soup, and a few plates are the basic Japanese table coordinate.

Today, we introduce two table coordinates with meibokuwan. We use middle size meibokuwan for both coordinates.


First, this is a coordinate with a flower rice bowl from Azmaya. Here, we use the large size flower rice bowl. You can see that the diameter of rice bowl and meibokuwan is almost same. It is very balanced coordinate!





Next is the table coordinate with flat rice bowl from Hakusan Touki.  If you compare the rice bowl with meibokuwan, the flat rice bowl has bigger diameter than middle size meibokuwan.


In fact, both of them won the Good Design Awards. Therefore, this coordinate would be a very stylish coordinate.


How about making a coordinate with other tableware?

We introduce the other tableware we used for the table coordinate.

The big rounded plates in the center are TY series from 1616/arita japan.

Small plate and tiny plate are from Azmaya.


You can make Japanese dinner table set with a rice bowl, a soup bowl, a big plate and small plates.


How about trying to make a Japanese table setting?