What kind of tableware do you use frequently?

I guess that one of the most useful tableware is simple white plates.

Actually, there are various white plates in my dish closet.

Many people are attracted by colorful table setting with various colors dishes.

However, it seems very difficult.


For those who have troubles in colorful table setting, we recommend blue and white plates!

Blue and white plates have Beautiful blue paintings on white plates.

Those plates are very useful and stylish!

Today, we would like to introduce a part of our blue and white plates collection!



Very useful blue and white plates

1.KOMON series of KIHARA

First, we would like to introduce KOMON series from KIHARA.

Japanese traditional patterns are modernized and printed on Arita porcelain.

As you can see on the picture, these plates fit various colors.

KIHARA offers 2 sizes of plates; mamezara and torizara.

Small plates are very useful in many scenes.


2.Bloom series of Hakusan Toki

Next, let us introduce bloom series from Hakusan Toki.

This plate is Hasami porcelain in Nagasaki prefecture. Craftsmen draw flower patterns on every plate.

Beautiful navy blue makes the colors of dishes stand out.

Bloom series has 2 types. "Wreath" has flower wreath at the edge of plates. "Bouquet" has a flower bouquet at the center of plates.

In addition, bloom series has rich variety in its sizes. Bloom plates have 6 sizes: SS, S, M, Free, L, and LL. Please select your favorite one.


As you can see, you can have a stylish home party with bloom series!


3.11 cats series of Azmaya

Lastly, we are happy to introduce this cute 11 cats series from Azmaya.

"11 cats" are the characters of a Japanese picture book written by Noboru Baba.

Cute mamezara of 11 cats are produced to celebrate 50 years' anniversary of the series.

These plates are also Hasami porcelain. Craftsmen print all plates with a traditional skill "Inban Sometsuke".

Cute pictures of cats will relax you.

Of course, these plates work well.

Since the plates are certain height, you can put sauce or jam.


Can you find your favorite one?

Blue and white plates are very useful, stylish, and cute!

Your usual dinner table will be more stylish with these blue and white plates!


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