September is begun!

Fall is my (the owner) favorite season.

It is still hot outside. However, for cool and long night of fall, I enjoy spending time with my favorite black tea or herb tea.


Today, I would like to introduce an "artistic teacup" suitable for the fall night.


Selected by MoMA! Unique teacup

This is Trace Face teacup from Cement Produce Design.

I think "good design" is "a design we might expect, but not existed."

This Trace Face series is the one!


Teacup or donburi bowl keeps warm drink or food.

But have anyone got an idea that the teacup or donburi bowl themselves have warm design of Knit wear?

It is very unique, but everyone understands its attractive points.

In fact, this simple and unique design got great reputations from the world.

The official shop of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York sells these cups.


Only the skill of craftsmen can produce the beauty of Trace Face

Some customer ask us that "Push the real knit wear against ceramics?"

Actually, I thought the same thing at first.

However, it is produced with a special skill.


The Knit wear patterns of Trace Face is produced by a mold.

Craftsmen shaved the mold, and pour clay into the mold.

In Seto city of Aichi prefecture, craftsmen carefully made a mold just like a person knit.


Handmade mold tends to be "too wild."

However, craftsmen in Seto expressed the details of knit. Therefore, Trace Face has polished and stylish atmosphere.



Stylish cup for tea or coffee

The shape of Trace Face teacup is yunomi, a traditional teacup of Japan.

However, unique Knit Wear patterned cup can be a cute coffee cup or teacup, too.

It is a stylish cup, as well as very useful cup.



When you have a guest, please entertain him or her with this unique teacup!"


Please have a good tea time in this fall with modern teacup.



See more details of Trace Face from here.

Hand-knit? Unique donburi bowl and tea cups Trace Face