[Handkerchief wrapping] Caffe hat / Pour over cone / White / 224 porcelain

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[Handkerchief wrapping] Caffe hat / Pour over cone / White / 224 porcelain



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【[Handkerchief wrapping] Caffe hat / White】This is Caffe hat White wrapped with Handkerchief Yellow from WDH. Caffe hat is a ceramic pour over cone. You do not need paper filter. So, it is eco-friendly and ceramic filter makes the water delicious. When the pour over cone is clogged up, just grill over cone over open fire or in toaster oven.
* For the “Handkerchief wrapping” series, you can change the color of handkerchief into your favorite color. This Caffe hat White is set with Yellow. In addition, we have Blue / Red (Dark pink) / White / Green. If you would like to change the color, please mention your demand at “Other Inquiry” when you place order. Please note that if you change the color of Handkerchief, the “Shipping Date” stated above may change accordingly.

Product specifications

size Differs depending on the item
weight 260g
notes Differs depending on the item
remarks [Caffe hat] Please note that you CANNOT use detergent since the micro halls of the ceramics absorb the ingredients of detergent. Just wash the ceramic pour over cone with water or warm water. When you feel the smell of stale coffee or the filter is clogged up, grill over the dripper over open fire or in toaster oven. After heating, please do not cool it down rapidly. Rapid temperature change may cause damage or breakage of the item. [Handkerchief] Before the first use, remove the starch on the cloth with lukewarm water, and wash it in laundry net. Kaya (mosquito netting) will shrink in 3~5cm after the first washing. Also, the handkerchief may shrink or lose colors slightly. Hot water or sterilization by boiling SAFE. Be careful of getting scalded. NOT breach safe.

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