It is getting hotter and hotter every day.

What do you cook for lunch? You do not want to devote a lot of time and energy to cooking in such a hot day, do you? The dishes should be easy to cook, but colorful.


Today, we introduce useful items for easy lunch! The plates and bowls of Arita porcelain can make good pictures with simple salad. You can enjoy  stylish vegetable lunch without a lot of time and energy.


Square Plates and Bowls from TY series of 1616/arita japan 

Serve some cut fresh vegetables and fruits on Japanese Arita porcelain plates or bowls. The plates become stylish appetizer served in casual Italian restaurants. The point is make a colorful salad. Colorful vegetables like carrots or paprikas. Simple and modern plates or bowls can make beautiful pictures.


Dress the salad with some olive oil, balsamico vinegar, and salts and peppers. Here, perfect fresh salad is completed.


These square plates and bowls are white and thick Arita porcelain. Therefore, the dinner table will be more colorful than serving with Tupperware.


For leftovers, wrap salad or fruits in plastic wrap and refrigerate it.


Square plates and bowls from TY series of 1616/arita japan has smart rectangle forms. So, you can refrigerate the square plates more compact than rounded plates.


Have you ever seen such a simple plate that can make a good picture?


Summer comes and colorful vegetables will be in market soon. Enjoy fresh vegetables with Arita porcelain square plates.


That is the introduction of Square plates and bowls from Ty series of 1616/arita japan. Enjoy summer!


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[Square Plates and Bowls from TY series of 1616/arita japan]

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