TY Standard series from 1616/arita japan have been popular for its simple design.

Today, we introduce a new use of TY round plates and bowls.

Combination of a bowl with a plate as a lid

The designer developed TY series of 1616/arita japan to make them daily use items.

The fusion of  practical designs and traditional skills of Arita porcelain produced the TY standard series.

In fact, Round plates can be lids for Round bowls and Round deep plates.


You can put a plate as a lid on leftovers in a bowl.

When you eat the leftovers, you can take the bowl and plate away from the refrigerator and eat soon. It is very useful and saves time!

Plate/ TY series Round Plate 120 White/1616 arita japan

Bowl/ TY series Round Bowl 120 White / 1616 arita japan

You can pile up the bowls and plates like a pyramid.

Of course, you can pile the same sizes of two bowls and plates.


Foreground Lid: Plate/TY series Round Plate 160 White / 1616 arita japan

Foreground Body: Bowl/TY series Round Bowl 160 White/1616 arita japan


If you have leftovers, cooked-ahead meal, or a lunch box, these plates and bowls are good for kitchen storage.

Of course, you can directly heat them by a microwave oven. This is a good feature of Arita porcelain of 1616/arita japan.


Plate/TY series Round Plate 200 White/1616 arita japan

Bowl/TY series Round Bowl 200 White/1616/arita japan

We are planning to make a set product.

If you already have round plates of 1616/arita japan, let's try using them as kitchen storage!