December begins from today. 2017 will end soon.

It gets dark very early these days.

For long nights, how about having a drink slowly?

With a good sake cup or sake sets, you can enjoy great time like you are in a bar.


Today, we would like to introduce pair cups or sake sets for a great time.


"Let's drink a lot!" Beer cup for you

Beer cup from Nousaku is our long-selling item.

In summer, it becomes out of stock some time.

Beer cup of Nousaku has 2 sizes; M for 200cc and L for 380cc.

The ionization effect of tin makes beer more delicious.

So, for beer lovers, this pair set would be great gift.

Usual canned beer becomes fine froth beer like served in a shop.



"Wanna drink Japanese sake or chochu, too!" Tumbler for you

"I like beer, but also like Japanese sake and shochu."

For those people, we recommend Tumbler.

Tumbler of Nousaku is smaller than Beer cup. So, it fits our hands.

Tumbler has 2 types, sleek surface tumbler (at the picture) and NAJIMI tumbler with a dent.

Tumbler contains 150cc, and NAJIMI tumbler contains 350cc.

Tin tumbler makes water or any alcohol delicious.


"Drink sake should be little sips!" Sake cup KIKI for you

For a slow drink time, it is also good to have little sips of alcohol and talk a lot.

Then, we recommend sake cups KIKI for you.

This KIKI-Ⅱcan contain about 40cc.

The pair of gold and silver can provide gorgeous atmosphere.


For a special gift, paulownia box set

Tin beer cup, tumbler, and sake sets have elegant atmosphere. Therefore, they can be great gifts, too.

For a special gift, Nousaku offers exclusive paulownia boxes.

The set in the picture is paulownia box set of Beer cup L.

Our easy wrapping suits well with the paulownia box. Please use our gift wrapping service!



If it gets dark earlier, we tend to be depressed somehow.

For that time, please spend a wonderful time at home.

Tin tumblers and sake sets of Nousaku will help you much.