For all beer lovers, fall is the season for beer!

Do you think that beer is the drink for hot summer?

NO, fall is a good season for beer!

WHY? The reason is...

Every beer company releases new beer!

And the beer is only sold for a limited period.


Fall beer in Japan does not include pumpkin.

These days, it gets much cooler.

So, let's enjoy beer at home.


For your good beer time, we recommend

Tin Beer cups!





Tin is a soft metal. It gives us even some warmth.

How about viewing beautiful moon with tin beer cup?

Gentle silver of tin and tender gold of moon make superb contrast.


Above all, tin beer cups make the taste of alcohol mellow.

Uneven surface of tin creates creamy froth of beer.



If you look for stylish beer glass, the beer cups or tumblers of Nousaku are best! They have simple and sophisticated design.


Here are recommended beer cups in Japan Design Store!

① Tin beer cup/ M / Nousaku 

Simple form tin beer cup.

Let's refrigerate the beer cup for a few minutes.

You can enjoy cooler beer.

Enjoy beer with delicious food in fall.


② Tin coffee tumbler with leather coffee sleeve

The surface of tin beer cup has white birch pattern.

It reminds us the beer drunk in a lodge.

The colorful leather sleeves make more stylish atmosphere.


③ [Set] [Exclusive box]1 Beer cup L + 1 tumbler

This is a set of beer cup and tumbler.

You can enjoy both beer and Japanese sake!

This set has been popular as gifts, too.


Beautiful and calm gloss of tin fits clear air of fall and winter.

Please enjoy fall beer more with tin beer cups!