September 9th is the Chrysanthemum Festival.

In Japanese, Choyo no Sekku.

The day is one of the 5 seasonal festivals of a year.

In Japan, we have Jinjitu day on January 7th, Girls' Festival on March 3rd, the Boys' Festival on May 5th, the Tanabata Festival on July 7th, and the Chrysanthemum Festival on September 9th.


Seasonal Festivals, in Japanese, "Sekku" are traditional annual events of Japanese calendar.

These days are turning points of seasons, too.


However, even Japanese people seldom know the Chrysanthemum Festival.


From ancient times, odd numbers have been believed to the positive numbers.

Seasonal Festivals are started to celebrate the day which have odd numbers in both month and day.

September 9th has the biggest positive number in both month and day. Therefore, it has been believed to a very auspicious day. People wish the prosperity or perpetual young and long life foe that day.


Then, how do we celebrate the Chrysanthemum Festival?

The point is Chrysanthemum flowers.

Chrysanthemum has been used as an medicinal herb. and believed to have the power to extend the life.

In fact, there is a folktale of "Kikujidou," who lives 700 years with keeping his childhood by the effect of chrysanthemum.


In addition, the chrysanthemum can bloom its flowers longer than other flowers. The national flower of Japan is chrysanthemum.

People celebrate September 9th with this noble flower.

There are 2 ways of celebrating.


①Drink sake with floating the petal of chrysanthemum

②Arranging chrysanthemum, and drink sake with looking it

People drive away the noxious vapors by drinking chrysanthemum-flavored sake or arranging chrysanthemum.

So, Choyo no Sekku is called the Chrysanthemum Festival.



Today, let us introduce some sake sets with gold leaf to celebrate the Chrysanthemum Festival.

Gold is also the symbol of perpetual young and long life.

Please enjoy sake with glittering sake sets.


1.Lacquer colored wine glasses from Toba Shitsugei

If you like wine, how about these lacquer colored wine glasses?

The wine glasses are produced with a special skill "Kongou-Ishime-Nuri" which is designated as an intangible cultural heritage of Shizuoka prefecture.

Jet black of lacquer work, transparent glasses, and color lacquer  or gold leaf make the glasses special.

To enjoy the glitter of gold leaf, we recommend white wine.


2.Katakuchi and Guinomi set of Nousaku

If you are Japanese sake lovers, how about this sake set from Nousaku?

You can enjoy beautiful gloss of tin and gold leaf.

The gloss of gold leaf makes your sake more delicious and special.

3.Lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei

If you are sake lovers, these lacquer sake cups from Toba Shitsugei are also recommended.

Luxurious atmosphere with gloss of glasses, texture of lacquer and glitter of gold leaf.

This lacquer sake cups is also recommended for drinking whisky.

Stylish and luxurious sake cup gives great atmosphere.


Gold leaf items are suitable for the celebration of long life.

Gold and silver sets are auspicious combination.


In Japan, fall to winter is the season of new sake.

How about drinking new sake with a special sake cup?


If it is difficult to get chrysanthemum, how about using this plate?

TY Palace plate from 1616/arita japan

The motif of this plate is chrysanthemum.

The chrysanthemum plate decorates  your dinner plate.


If you plan to give some presents, how about this Nightcap set for adults?


How do you celebrate the Chrysanthemum Festival ?

Please enjoy Japanese unique culture with special sake set!