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Suzugami of syouryu!


Suzugami has been a popular item of our store as flexible tin tableware.

Many people pay attention to the gloss of tin or wonder of flexible plate.

But do you know that suzugami has beautiful pattern?

Today, we would like to introduce the fascination of beautiful patterns!



The patterns are called "Tsuchime." Craftsmen pound tin by hammer, and produces this beautiful patterns.

This pounding procedure makes tin strong against bending / stretching, and produces unique patterns.


3 patterns of Suzugami!

We have "Kazahana," "Samidare," and "Arare."

① Kazahana

"Kazahana" elegantly reflects light.

Detailed patterns emit gentle light, and make food look beautiful.


Kazahana means the snow in sunny day in Japanese. This pattern is like a pattern piled with kazahana.

What a delicate pattern!


② Samidare

It looks like rain.

"Samidare" means the rain in May in Japanese. This pattern is like a mark made by rain drops.

Hard rain, misty rain, or gentle rain...

What kind of rain do you imagine from Samidare?

③ Arare

Uneven pattern "Arare" shines luxuriously.

Arare means hail in Japanese. This pattern is like a tsuchime produced by hail.

Arare pattern has uniqueness.



All patterns of suzugami relate with season or climate.

How was the world of patterns of suzugami?

Japanese people have got design from nature.

We can feel the heart of Japan from suzugami.



Suzugami is handmade by craftsmen. All patterns are beautiful.

If you cannot decide one pattern, we recommend this set!



[Set] Suzugami x 3 in Gift Box

If you would like to get 3 different patterns, please state it in "Other inquiry" when you order.


We hope that suzugami gift will deliver your thought to your dearest person.