The tableware of Azmaya have been popular for its simple and modern design. Today, we would like to introduce our original set of popular series "Inban-mamezara.



Inban-mamaezara has 7 types of forms. Form the 7 plates, we select 4 rounded form plates. These are Momo (peach), Tanpopo (dandelion), Himawari (sunflower), and Ume (Japanese plum). In the picture, the left on the top is peach, top right is dandelion, bottom leftis sunflower, and bottom right is plum.


Other three types of Inban-mamezara, fan, gourd, and mokkou. Thoese three have unique forms.

Our original set are rounded form, so that you can stack them easily.


The rounded form plates can fit various types of meal.


The set has exclusive box. Therefore, this set is suitable for gifts.

We prepare set of 3, 4, and 5 plates. You can select your favorite set from three sets.

セットには化粧箱もついてくるので、結婚祝いや引越祝いなどもプレゼント・ギフトにもお使い頂けます。 セットは3枚入り・4枚入り・5枚入りの3種類をご用意。


[A set of 3 plates] [Exclusive box] Round inban-mamezara

[A set of 4 plates] [Exclusive box] Round inban-mamezara

[A set of 5 plates] [Exclusive box] Round inban-mamezara

The set of 5 includes Inban-mamezara fan as an accent.


We can make your original set as your favorite.


A set of 3 to 5 plates, or a set of 5 to 10 plates have exclusive box of Azmaya. If you would like to send a gift, please select the exclusive box together with paltes. (sold separately)

Note: If you choose the wrapping for free, we use Japanese paper wrapping bags.