Seasonal fish is delicious by stew or fry.

But if you eat fish with sake, sashimi (raw fish) is best!

When you eat sashimi, you need Soy sauce!


Japanese people started to eat sashimi about 700~800 years ago.

But, people started to eat sashimi with soy sauce about 400 years ago.

At that time, soy sauce was a luxury good for ordinary citizens.

The ordinary citizens started to eat sashimi with soy sauce about 250 years ago.


Japanese people have loved soy sauce for a long time.

Usually, sashimi is a special dinner for an auspicious day.

So, how about using special plate for soy sauce?

If you use stylish mamezara for soy sauce, your dinner will be like a Japanese restaurant!




Recommended mamezara for soy sauce!

[Set of 4][Exclusive box] Suzukozara ×4/ Nousaku

Suzukozara of Nousaku is made of 100% pure tin.

Gentle gloss of tin gives elegant presence to the plate.

Tin is so soft that you can bend the edge of plate a little.

Calm presence fit soy sauce very well.


[Set of 4][Exclusive box] Suzumaru ×4/ Nousaku

If you would like to enjoy forming plates, we recommend this one!

Suzumaru of Nousaku is a mysterious plate that you can make your favorite form by bending it.

When you use suzumaru for soy sauce, please stand the edge of sheet up.


[A set of 5 plates] [Exclusive box] Various forms dobai-mamezara / Azmaya

As for the best mamezara for soy sauce, we cannot forget this one.

The color of Dobai glaze fits soy sauce very well.

Also, the motifs of mamezara are auspicious. Good item for celebrating dinner.


Can you find your favorite one?

Cute and stylish mamezara will make you happier on your special day.

Let's eat delicious sashimi with stylish mamezara for soy sauce!



Of course, cute set of mamezara is recommended for gifts.


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Please find your favorite plates for soy sauce☆