Suzugami from syouryu are frequently introduced by TV programs or magazines.

You may already have one.

Since  Japanese star Sanma Akashiya announced he loved Suzugami, it has got more and more attention.




Suzugami is a flexible tin plate.

It's a new idea, but it can be stylish flower vase! 

As a flower vase, we recommend 13cm and 18cm Suzugami.

Prepare small glass like a shot glass.


Roll the glass up with Suzugami.

And this is it!!

If you have small glass or shot glass, please try it!

If you do not have one, we make a best flower vase set here!


[Set] Flower vase set / Suzugami 13cm

The set glass is "Manhattan" from Kimura Glass.

Of course, you can use the glass as shot glass, too.

We make a flower vase set of 18cm Suzugami as well.


In addition,


You can make various shapes of flower vase!

Just rolling up is stylish.

If you wrinkle the suzugami, the flower vase gain more Japanese atmosphere.


You can turn over upper part after rolling up.

Please enjoy Suzugami flower vase with your creativity.



These are the attractive points of Suzugami flower vase set.

Japan Design Store offers various flower vases.

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