Japan Design Store offered tableware to the movie "THE THIRD MURDER."

The movie is running from September 9th in 2017 in Japan.

In the movie, we offer our tableware from "Cement Produce Design" and "Hakusan Toki."



Lawyer vs. Murder

A Hirokazu Kore-eda film

A suspense movie

Actors: Masaharu Fukuyama, Koji Yakusho, Suzu Hirose, etc.


We offered "Tea Mate" from "Cement Produce Design" and a small plate of "Bloom series" from "Hakusan Toki."

In the movie, our tableware is used in the lawyer office of Shigemori (acted by Fukuyama) and Shigemori's home.


What is the tableware used in the movie?

Here, let us introduce the tableware we offered.

1. Tea Mate / Girl's day dream / Squirrel / Cement Produce Design 

Tea Mate is a heat-resistant tea glass.

Tea Mate includes lid and tea strainer.

Therefore, you can make a cup of tea just for you.


In the movie, the secretary in the lawyer office uses this glass.


*  Now, this item is end of sales.

2. Plate M / Bloom series / Bouquet / Hakusan Toki

Bloom series has Nordic-like design.

Plate M is the best size as breakfast plate or dessert plate.


In the movie, father of Shigemori uses this plate to serve dinner.



"THE THIRD MURDER" pursues in detail

In addition to the tableware, this movie pursues in detail such as the building or interior goods.

Of course, the best point is the story by Kore-eda.

How about watching it?