One Suzugami can change the atmosphere of the dinner table.

Suzugami from syouryu is a flexible tin plate.

It is modernized traditional craft "Takaoka copperware."

If you look for stylish and modern traditional craft, Suzugami is suitable!


Metal tableware is rare. In addition, "it can be bent!"

Therefore, Suzugami has been popular for wedding gifts, too.


We started to sell Suzugami in 2013.

Syouryu is a new brand opened by a long-established studio "Shimatani syouryu."

Originally, "Shimatani syouryu" has produced Buddhist altar fittings.


It is a new brand, but various select shops in Tokyo sell this Suzugami now.


What kinds does Suzugami have?

Most select shops in Tokyo sell 13cm Suzugami as S size and 18cm Suzugami as M size.

In fact, Suzugami has 4 sizes; 11cm, 13cm, 18cm, and 24cm.

For the customers' convenience and alternatives, Japan Design Store offers all  4 sizes.


However, tableware is daily necessities. So, you may would like to know what size is most useful one.

As for me, useful sizes are 13cm and 18cm.

If you cannot decide the sizes, we recommend 13cm as individual plates, and 18cm for small dishes.


Also, Japan Design Store offers S and L Roller for suzugami.

Furthermore, we have exclusive paulownia box of suzugami.

It is not common in select shops.



We offer Suzugami set for presents!

From all of these facts, Japan Design Store decides to produce our original suzugami sets!

Most recommended set is this!

[Set] [Exclusive box] Suzugami x3 / 18cm (x1) + 13cm (x2)

We make a set with most useful sizes plates.


As soon as its arrival, a couple can start to use Suzugami.

Therefore, it is popular set for wedding gifts.


In addition to  this set, we offer some more set.

[Set] [Exclusive box] Suzugami x4 / 11cm x4

[Set] [Exclusive box] Suzugami x2 / 18cm x2 



11cm Suzugami works when you serve some confectioneries to your guests.



Suzugami is a chic and Japanese modern gift.

Like the picture, you can use it as an interior item with dried flower petals.


Please select best Suzugami sets from our originals sets!