Flexible tin tableware Suzugami from syouryu has been popular for gifts.

Suzugami is a "modern" traditional craft filled with the skill of "Takaoka copper ware."


"I have never seen such a cool traditional craft!!"

Since its release, suzugami has been popular as presents, wedding favors, or souvenirs for foreign people.

Today, we would like to introduce "Paulownia box" and "Easy wrapping" for suzugami.

This combination is suitable for your important present.


Suzugami becomes more stylish within paulownia box!


Originally, each suzugami is wrapped within gray thick paper.

This package has chic and modern atmosphere.

In the gray thick paper, description and direction of use are included. (English is also written. )



Of course, we can offer gift wrapping service on the gray package.

However, we also offer exclusive paulownia box for suzugami.

If you would like to send suzugami as gifts, we recommend this paulownia box.

The price differs from sizes. For example, a paulownia box for 11cm Suzugami is $4.99.



One paulownia box can contain 1~5 suzugami.

This set in the picture is 4 pieces of suzugami set.

The descriptions and directions are also included. The gray package is not included.


Japanese modern gift with Easy wrapping!

If you choose this paulownia box set, we recommend easy wrapping with it .

On the paulownia box, we put Tosa Japanese paper and ribbon it with Japanese Mizuhiki.

We can see the beautiful pattern of Tosa Japanese paper on the wooden box.

It is very elegant and stylish!



Of course, you can choose "Wrapping paper" or "Noshi wrapping" for paulownia box set.

But Easy wrapping costs only $1!

It's beautiful, stylish, and reasonable price!!


Wrap our celebration feeling with gift wrapping

Tosa Japanese paper in our store is "Asanoha" pattern.

Asanoha means the leaf of hemp. Hemp grows very fast. So, Asanoha is used as an auspicious pattern.


We purchase this Tosa Japanese paper from a studio of Japanese paper in Kouchi prefecture.

It is not so cheap. But we would like to express our appreciation and celebration feeling in the gift wrapping. So, we use the Tosa Japanese paper.

Also, the red and white Mizuhiki ribbon is from an atelier in Kyoto.

It is not so cheap, neither. But as an online gift shop, we prepare the best for the gifts.



The paulownia box is sold separately from Suzugami.

If you would like to send suzugami as gifts, please select the paulownia box and easy wrapping, too!


See more details of Suzugami from here.

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