We offer various Japanese traditional crafts and handmade products.

We believe that it takes time to decide the presents or daily use tableware.


Today, let us introduce the most popular item in Japan Design Store.

That is....

Palace plate from 1616/arita japan!

Elegant and beautiful Arita porcelain plate gets great popularity from our customers, especially from adult women.


The age of the customers of this plates ranges form their 20's  to 70's.

Bloom of flower plate fascinates women.



We collect various Japanese masterpiece. Among them, this beautiful flower has great presence.


TY Palace plate form 1616/arita japan is produced to a high-class Japanese hotel "Palace Hotel Tokyo." The hotel express its concept as "the best quality of Japan."


Beautiful white, modern design like a bloom of chrysanthemum, and unique texture of unglazed Arita porcelain. The palace plates create a special atmosphere on the table.

For men, this unique elegance, and for women, this cuteness with fruits or confectionery is the reason why the plates have been popular.

1616 パレスプレート 晩酌

As you can see in the picture above, daily dinner becomes great with the Palace plate.

Piling up two plates makes the big bloom of flower on the table.

We prepare exclusive gift box (sold separately.) So, Palace plate is popular for wedding gift or housewarming present.


※This wrapping is specially ordered from a customer.

We can custom our present wrapping  as your favorite.


Palace plates always tend to be out of order since its great popularity.

You can make a back order for the products.

Please get it now!!


See more details of TY Palace plate from here.

Japanese traditional and modern Arita porcelain, TY Palace plate