The season of Ume comes!

Ume (Japanese plum blossom) is a flower in winter to tell the coming of spring. In japan, we call  Ume as "Hana no sakigake" (the herald of spring) or "Harutsuge gusa" (the plants tell the spring.)


Ume endures the severe cold from December, and looks like telling us that "the spring is coming soon!"

The sweet-smelling of Ume and beautiful bloom of white or pink flowers, give us uplift for spiring.


The contrast of sky blue and light pink Ume is so beautiful.

Encouraging bloom in the cold air make us cheerful.

By the way, the Ume at the picture is in the park near our store.

Use tools with Ume motif from January to March

Before the bloom of Sakura (cherry blossoms), how about looking for the comming of spring with Ume motif tools?

Today, we would like to introduce the tableware and small utensils of Ume motifs.

Chopstick rests from Chushin Kobo 鋳心ノ工房の箸置き


This is cast iron chopstick rests from Chushin Kobo. Chushin Kobo is famous for its Japanese cast iron teapots.

Solid texture of cast iron with cute Ume motif.

When I see somebody use these chopstick rests in this season, I may think "he or she knows the way of enjoy Japanese season."

Chopstick rests: Chopstick Rest/ Ume / Chushin Kobo 


Chopstick rests from Nousaku


The next product is a gorgeous chopstick rest "Hanabana"from Nousaku. There are five different flowers Ume, Sakura, Kikyo (Japanese bell flower), lotus and cosmos.

Change chopstick rests as the season changes. It may bring you a richer life.

Chopstick rests: Chopstick Rest / FLOWERS


Mamezara from Azmaya


Here is a Inban-mamezara from Azmaya.

Mamezara: Inban-mamezara/Ume/ Azmaya 

This mamezara (tiny plates) have rounded form. Therefore, you can put multiple food.



The tiny plates from Azmaya, especially, Ume, Momo (peach), dandelion and sun flower have rounded form. You can easily stack them.


Tiny paltes : Inaban-mamezara/Momo/Azmaya


In addition, mamezara have simple glazed plates called Dobai. CHoose your favorite plates.

Product: Dobai-mamezara/ Ume/ Azmaya

Enjoy Ume before Sakura

How do you like the collection of Ume motif tableware?

Now in Japan, we enjoy hanami (seeing beatiful bloom of flowers ) with Sakura. However, before the Heian era, people enjoyed the hanami with Ume.

Japanese plum blossoms bloom and fall slowly.

It is still cold outside. With Ume tableware, enjoy the coming of spring.