For New Year's Day, Ozoni, or Japanese mochi (rice cake) soup is indispensable.

Depends on regions or houses, there are all sorts of Ozoni.

Rounded mochi, square mochi, clear broth, miso soup....

In any styles, we enjoy and celebrate New Year's Day with Ozoni.

To make a stylish Oshogatsu (Japanese New Year's Day) table setting, let's select a special bowls for Ozoni!


As a bowl for Ozoni or Zenzai (sweet red bean soup with mochi), we recommend this bowl!

[Set of 2] Meibokuwan / Beech wood / Large bowls (Exclusive box) / Sonobe

Warmth of wood and smooth texture relax us.

Meibokuwan from Sonobe has been popular wooden bows since its release.

Meibokuwan has enough thick, so it is not so hot when we pour hot soup into it.

How about starting a New Year with new beautiful bowls?


A set with china spoon would be great gift as well.


[[Set of 4 ]Meibokuwan / Beech wood / Large bowls with China spoons (Exclusive box) / Sonobe

Please spend a good New Year's holiday with your favorite tableware.