The day before yesterday, one of our item is produced at a TV program "KING's BRUNCH."

In one corner, a Japanese idol Kazuya Kamenashi purchased this one!


Wooden rice storage box from Masuda Kiribako

[Rice storage box  5kg / Masuda Kiribako]

This item has beautiful square form.

As a rice storage box, it is very stylish!

In addition to its cool design, it has great usability. That's why it has been popular item for a long time.


① Masu (wooden square box to measure rice) is magnetic!

Surprisingly, the masu can be set on the backside of the knob of lid.

Yes, it is magnetic! However, we cannot see the magnet.

So, we do not have to find Masu in rice.


② Lid can be hung on the box

We do not have to find a place for lid whenever we use the rice storage box.

Masuda Kiribako pursues in detail for the usability of us.


③ Clear lid to see inside

This lid is the combination of clear acryl board and “shiho-san” lid.
“Shiho-san” lid is a traditional skill of paulownia boxes.

We can see inside without opening lid.




As you can see, it is useful and stylish.

Wooden storage box of Masuda Kiribako makes hope of users come true.

Of course, you can storage vegetables or dry food instead of rice.

When you start to use this stylish rice storage box, you become attracted by it more and more!


Stylish wooden rice storage box has been popular item as wedding gift or housewarming gift.

We often become out of stock since it is a popular item.

Get it now!