It is almost July.

Now, we get many orders on soba choko cups.

Soba choko cups are best tableware for eating soba.

In addition, you can put ice cream or cold dessert into soba choko cups.


Soba choko cups are not necessary items in daily life.

However, simple and modern design soba choko cups are very useful when you have them.

Needless to say, soba choko cups work when you eat noodles such as soba or soumen (buckwheat noodles or Japanese vermicelli noodles.)

Moreover, you can put yogurt, salad, fruits, or any other small dishes.


Once you get soba choko cups, the cups have no time to have rest in cupboard.




These are soba choko cups of Azmaya.

Soba choko cups of Azmaya have Northern European like design and beautiful coloring of white and blue.

This soba choko cup is made of Hasami porcelain. Hasami porcelain have been paid attention from all over the world now.


廣田硝子大正ロマン硝子 そば猪口

This cup is Taisho Roman glass from Hirota Glass.

Taisho Roman glass of Hirota Glass has beautiful opal color pattern.

When you pour tea or sauce, you can see the beautiful opal pattern vividly.

You can see beautiful traditional pattern of glass.

Tea looks more cool and delicious with Taisho Roman glass.


For this hot season, we recommend you to put ice cream or jelly in this glass.



Useful size, good design and stylish soba choko cups.

How about having your favorite soba choko cups?


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