As it is getting cold, Japanese people miss...


Oden is a kind of Japanese hot pot. We stew Japanese radish, potatoes, fish-paste products, and many other foods with soup stock.

These days, we can see Oden in convenience stores.

I can't help looking at Oden in convenience store. Maybe, my appetite leads me there.


This is a popular ranking of Oden ingredients

Best 3: Chikuwa (a kind of fish paste) / konjac

Best 2: Boiled egg

Best 1: Daikon (Japanese radish!) 


In fact, Oden is different from each region.

Have you ever tried it?

If you visit Japan in cold seasons, we strongly recommend this food!


Well, to eat delicious Oden, donabe is indispensable!

Today, we would like to introduce our recommended donabe.

Donabe can work for various hot pot menu.

Great thermal storage effect can conduct heat slowly.



Our recommended donabe collection! / S/ White / ceramic japan

"Is is really donabe?"

"do-nabe" of ceramic japan is a surprisingly smart donabe.

"do-nabe" can fit for stylish dinner table. Also, it is easy to store.

If you are IH user, do-nabe has another type.

do-nabe / IH free / L / Black / ceramic japan

2.Kamado-san / 3 rice-cup / Nagatani-en

Kamado-san of Nagatani-en has been popular as easy donabe rice cooker.

Everyone can cook delicious rice without troublesome heat control.

The secret is the inner lid. This inner lid gives adequate pressure.

So, Kamado-san can cook delicious hot pot like Oden.

Cute rounded design is another attractive point of Kamado-san.


Tableware for serving Oden!

1.[Set] Petite donabe / Amber & Orange / Nagatani-en 

These are cute petite donabe. Small donabe can keep the warmth.

You can enjoy the moment when you open the lid.


2.Flat rice bowl/ Folk Navy Glossy P-8/ Hakusan Toki

Flat rice bowl can work for individual bowls for Oden.

In addition to Oden, various meals look delicious with this flat rice bowl.


Now, we are ready to cook and eat Oden!

Please enjoy your Oden life with your favorite donabe☆