Today, we would like to introduce modern rice bowl AEKA from Gato Mikio Store.

What is "Gato Mikio Store"?

Gato Mikio Store is an atelier of Yamanaka lacquer ware in Yamanaka, Ishikawa prefecture.

They produce the lacquer ware with traditional skill and practical design.

The features of the lacquer ware is its beautiful form. Some Japanese high-quality magazines pucked up the products of Gato Mikio Store.

In fact, the modern design won some Design Awards. Internal and international designers or buyers have been payed much attention on the products.

You can feel the detailed work of craftsmen from the smooth surface .



You can see the wood grain on the surface slightly. This finishing is called Fuki-Urushi.

There are some finishing ways in Japanese lacquer ware. Fuki-Urushi finihsing takes much time. Craftsmen of Yamanaka lacquer ware repeatedly lacquer the wooden bowl, and wipe it off many times.


In this way, Fuki-Urushi finishing can produce the beautiful gloss of lacquer with beautiful wood grain. It is not so gorgeous. You can enjoy polite beauty of the lacquer ware.




Jet-black modern rice bowl AEKA is more beautiful with white rice, and vice versa.



Meals of every day make our body and mind. For such an important time, we have to eat it with important tableware and chopsticks. Don't you think so?

Life will become a little richer with a little consideration.


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