Nousaku reachs its 100 years' anniversary since its establishment.

Nousaku is a tin processing brand in Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture.

They have produced Buddhist altar fittings or tea utensils for tea ceremony since its establishment. Recently,  Nousaku produces tableware or interior items. Their unique and beautiful products have been paid attention from people around the world.

 Historical inherited skill, wisdom, and craftsmanship. As time passes, the products have changed. However, Nousaku continues to introduce the fascination of Takaoka copperware as a Japanese traditional craft.


Products on the picture above: [Set][Exclusive box] 1 Katakuchi S Gold + 2 KIKI-Ⅱ(Gold & Silver)/ Paulownia box


Nousaku tries to improve their quality and develop new products. They aims to inherit the historical tradition to next generations with meeting contemporary demands.

We are looking forward to next products of Nousaku!