It is middle of August.

We can feel the coming of Fall from the sky or wind.

But, it is still very hot in Japan.

This summer the most popular item of Japan Design Store is...

Tin tumbler of Nousaku!

Various media have introduced the fascination of tin tumbler and beer cup.

"Tin makes the taste of Japanese sake, shochu, and wine mellow!"

"The foam of beer becomes smooth!"

"Refrigerate tin cups fro 1-2 minutes, then we can enjoy so cold drink with cups!"

"The solid texture and weight of tin cups make me like a rich person..."

Nousaku tin tumbler has fascinated sake lovers.


The secret of popularity of Nousaku tin tumbler and beer cups is the finishing of inside.

We can see small uneven surface.

This uneven surface increases the connection with sake or water. Therefore, the taste of sake becomes mellow and the foam of beer becomes smooth.



These tin tumbler and beer cup of Nousaku haws been especially popular among stylish men. They seems to look for the daily use beer cup or glass for water.

Tin beer cup is hard to break unlike glasses. So, it is good for daily use.



These days, tin beer tumbler and cup are popular as gifts for stylish men.


See more details of tumbler and beer cup of Nousaku from here.

Enjoy beer with tin tumbler! Nousaku beer cup


Simple design is great feature of Nousaku tin beer cup and tumbler

As described, Nousaku tin beer cup and tumbler are popular for its function.

For me (the owner of our shop), the great feature of Nousaku tin beer tumbler is....

"Simple design!"

When you would like to send a gift for someone, the design of the product is very important. Stylish people seem to have special concern on their possessions.


In this point, simple design cup is the best.

Nousaku tin tumbler and beer cup do not have any decorations.

The simple design fits various people and dinner table.

For modern-design lovers, natural-design lovers, or cute design lovers.

Every one likes the simple design.


Simple design tends to be seemed cheep products.

However, the Nousaku tin beer cup or tumbler has elegant presence.


You can see the logo of Nousaku at the bottom of tin beer cup or tumbler.



"Only one product" for you

Tin beer cup and tumbler have minimum thinness so that people can comfortably drink sake with it. In addition to the easy-to-drink place people drink from, the cup is thin for proper weight.


Nousaku tin beer cup and tumbler are made of 100 % real tin.  Tin is very soft metal, so you can bend easily.

If you push the cup a little bit strongly, the cup changes its form.

As you use many times, the cup will be turn to fit your fingers.



Sometimes, customers ask "is the cup alright if it changes the form?"

Even the products are bent, tin does not change its properties.

Please use the tin products for a long time at ease.

Gifts? Easy wrapping is best!


Tin beer cup and tumbler of Nousaku are within exclusive box.  The box has beautiful silver logo of Nousaku on the gray box.


The box is elegant, so, we recommend easy wrapping if you send the Nousaku products as gifts.


For your daily use or gifts for someone, we recommend Nousaku tin timber and beer cup!


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