This is the masterpiece of rice bowls

New arrivals information! The masterpiece of rice bowl, Flat rice bowl from Hakusan Toki arrived at our store.

The flat rice bowl is designed by Masahiro Mori. His work won various design awards.


The name is "Gohan ga utsukusiku mieru gohan-chawan," which means "rice bowl which makes rice beautiful."


Rice in the simple rice bowl looks very delicious.


Simple form, stylish patterns

The form of this flat rice bowl is like a stylish cone.

However, the patterns of this rice bowl are cute and stylish!

Rice bowl is traditional Japanese tableware. However, the patterns are like Northern European design.

This cute design is one of the reasons of the popularity.


What is the secret of 20 years patronage?

These flat rice bowls were released in 1992. Yes, these flat rice bowls have been loved for more than 20 years.


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This beautiful bowl is rice looks delicious