What do I use for cutting daifuku? Ah! Cheese board!

Some days ago, we received cold mochi called "mochi cream."

"Mochi cream" is a daifuku mochi (soft rice cake) filled with fresh cream or chocolate. A collaboration confectionery with Japan and Western sweet food.

The concept is "Make best use of traditional daifuku, and arrange it to fit contemporary lifestyle.

The concept of mochi cream seems to resemble the concept of our shop.

I, the owner of Japan Design Store was happy to hear that.

Right away, we gonna eat them! We got 6 types of mochi cream. Staff members say "want to eat all types!" So, I decide to cut each mochi cream into 4 pieces.


However, you know, mochi is hard to cut. It is sticky.

Then, one idea is came upon in my mind! "How about cutting them with cheese board and cheese knife?"


Now, I realized.

This cheese knife of azmaya is suitable for cutting daifuku!


Look at this beautiful section of daifuku!

I can cut daifuku with just down the knife!

We do not have to move knife forward to backward.

It is true that some kind of cheese are sticky like mochi.


When I cut all mochi cream, I can serve them on the cheese board. That's it!

To make a cafe plate, how about putting mug of 1616/arita japan?


I introduce new useful use of cheese board and cheese knife.

See more details of today's products form here.

Fashionable and convenient but unpretentious cheese board and cheese knife