It is our pleasure that various media and content curation web page introduced many items in our store.

Today, our popular item "Soy sauce cruet" of Taisho Roman Glass series are introduced in the top page of Yahoo!JAPAN.


The soy sauce cruet has been popular gift item for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.

At first, our buyer chose the item for own use in daily meal.

So, honestly, we wondered why soy sauce cruet has been popular as gifts.


Why is Soy sauce cruet of Hirota Glass popular?

Some of you may wonder the reason of its popuality, too.

So, let us explain the reasons for their popularity.

We asked the reason to some of our customers who purchased the soy sauce cruet.

According to the research, we found 4 reasons.


①Only one present!

When you select gift items for someone, you may worry about the followings.

"Does he / she have this already?"

"Does anyone buy this for him / her, too?"


In this point, it is rare to send "Soy sauce cruet" as gift.

If you would like to send a special item, the soy sauce cruet of Hirota Glass is appropriate.


②Use everyday, and usable item

A present is filled with your thought. You take a lot of time to choose it.

Therefore, the item should be useful and usable for a long time.


In this point of view, soy sauce cruet is very useful! In addition to soy sauce, you can use it for dressing, olive oil, or vinegar.

Also, the spout of Soy sauce cruet of Hirota Glass is hard to drip the sauce.

You can use it cleanly.


③Do not buy a good soy sauce cruet for myself, but it's happy if I can get it as a present!

In fact, even Japanese people do not use a good sou sauce cruet in their kitchen or on the dinner table.

Most of us use just an "okay" design and reasonable price one.

We do not take much time to choose a best soy sauce cruet.


However, if we get a great and cute soy sauce cruet as a present, it is very pleasant, isn't it?

Some customers chose the Soy sauce cruet as gifts for this reason.



④Retro and modern design is cute!

The last one is very simple reason.

"The form is cute! It's like a soap bubble or a balloon."

"Retro pattern is excellent!"


A soy sauce cruet with simple form and modern pattern.

We cannot find such an item from any other shops.


Simple, cute, and usable soy sauce cruet.

We hope that our item will satisfy you or the recipient, and be loved forever.