Gourmet men finally reach to the cook by themselves.

A Japanese magazine "buono" is a food entertainment magazine for those gourmet men.


The magazine introduces techniques, cultures, entertainments related to cooking, and good restaurants. "Buono" can broaden the world of cooking.

Last month, the magazine introduced one of our products, "Wooden rice storage box" from Azmaya.



buono Vol.6

2017.05.06 published ¥980 (including tax)

When the season of new rice (around September) comes, you have to wait 1 to 2 months before you can get this wooden rice storage box.

If you can get it now, you can store rice safely during hot summer or humid rainy season.


In Japan, rainy season (tsuyu) will come soon from June. Rice is easy to get damages from mold or bugs in rainy season. Therefore, we have to care about storage method of rice. The important thing is keep rice away from the air and mold or bugs as much as we can.


This rice storage box is made of  "kiri" or paulownia wood. Paulownia is said to have an effect to protect against insects. Therefore, Japanese people have used paulownia for making chest or boxes for keeping valuables.

In addition to the protection against insects, paulownia box can keep certain humidity inside. Furthermore, paulownia has an effect to preserve from decay.

With these good effects, the rice storage box can keep rice safely.


How about starting Japanese food (washoku) with wooden rice storage box?


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